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Specialty Wire & Accessories
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Hand tied stainless steel netting.  Developed by the Arizona-Sonara Desert Museum.  InvisiNet netting is the most advanced
stainless steel netting available.
It is manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel cable (type 302-304) with a bronze finish.  The 7x7 stranded cable is
extremely strong and flexible, 275 lb test rated, and is composed of multiple fine strands for ultimate strength and flexibility.  
This custom-made product can be manufactured in most any shape and size desired - triangular, rectangular or trapezoidal.
Opening sizes are:  3/4", 1", 1.5" 2", 3" and 4".  Allow 4-6 weeks for fabrication.  Minimum order sizes may apply.

Lightweight Stainless Steel Mesh. Now, get excellent flexibility for tough installations with high load strength and a tensile
strength of 110,000 PSI. ZooMesh is soft to the touch and will not damage bird feathers or animal skin on contact. Resists
chewing too! Wire is type T304 stainless and .011 in diameter. This stainless steel wire is woven into a 1/4" mesh. Corrosion and
UV resistant ZooMesh is aesthetically sound in exhibits, casting few view-inhibiting shadows. Easy to clean, too! One roll
contains approximately 700 square feet. 84" high by approximately 100' long.

Phantom Mesh

Non-Climb Fence
Also known as "Square-Deal", these woven meshes offer attractive appearance and long life.  Strong, open-hearth,
copper-bearing steel wire is galvanized for maximum rustproofing.  The stiff knots, formed by a third piece of wire wrapped
around each intersection, hold horizontal and vertical wire securely, yet allow easy erection over uneven land.  Knots will not
injure animals or people.  The are rust resistant since they will not hold water.  Available in 10/12.5 gauge 2" x 4" mesh, and
14/16 gauge 2" x 2" mesh;  36", 48", 60", and 72" width 100' rolls.

Apron Fence
This unique, hinged 12" apron prevents animals from burrowing under the fence.  Keeps raccoons, foxes and other predators
out-keeps pets in.  The apron can be turned in any direction to make a pen, or form an outside barrier.  This fence is easy to
install.  There is no need to dig a trench or backfill.  You can just bend the fabric along the kine wire which runs the length of
the roll, 12" in from the bottom edge.  Strong 17 gauge wire is galvanized before weaving to resist rust and corrosion.  1.5"
mesh provides a secure barrier.  It is also available with a thick black PVC coating.  Available in 60" and 72" widths (including 12"
apron) x 150'.

Carlos Mesh
Carlos Mesh is made from stainless steel type 304 & 316 aircraft cable.
Mesh openings can be from 1" - 8", cable diameter can be from 1/32" -1/8".  Carlos Mesh has been used in zoological exhibits
for over thirty years. It can be formed to almost any structure.  Panel sizes cam be made up to 105 feet.

Aviary Mesh  (1/2" Hex)
ZooMesh  (84" x 100' Rolls)
Poultry & Garden Fence
Sheep & Goat Fence
Deer & Wildlife Fence
Field Fence
Regular Yard Gard
 (3"x 2" mesh, 16 gauge core wire)
This 3" x 2" mesh is plastic coated after being welded.  The 16 gauge mesh is durable, attractive and economical.  There are no
rough edges or sharp points to injure people or pets.  Finish will not rot or rust and will provide years of beautiful service.  
Ideal for use for children's play yards, as backing for post and rail fence, and many other uses.  Available in 36" & 48" widths in
green, brown or black.  24" available in black only.  All 50 ft rolls.

Heavy Duty Yard Gard (2" x 4" mesh, 14, 12,& 11 ga)
Tough, thick vinyl or polyester is permanently bonded to 2" x 4" welded non-climb mesh.  Available in 36", 48", &72" widths in 50'
and 100' Rolls.

Barbed Wire
Electric Fence Wire
Fence Staples
Studded "T" posts
Farm Gates and Accessories
Coil Wire

                                Plus Many More Styles  
This spiral-wound material is extremely flexible and maintenance-free.  A choice of
nylon-bonded galvanized steel, black oxide coated or uncoated stainless steel
core wire material.  Choice of Spiral size openings: 3/8"(19ga),  5/8" (16ga),and 7/8"
(9ga).  Custom woven in most widths up to 40' wide and unlimited lengths.
..All Specialty wire products must be paid in full at time of order, and orders cannot be cancelled.